The fast school bus tracking solution that assures child safety and peace of mind to parents, schools and transport operators

VTS rollout too cumbersome?

Not any more!

Here’s BusBuddy, our own school bus tracking solution that’s pre-integrated with DC Netra for the fastest rollout.

Quick rollout

Fastest rollout; as low as a single day versus a couple of weeks that competing products usually take.


Maintain end-to-end safety by marking attendance directly into your school management system.


Disparate multivendor systems are a pain to manage; BusBuddy is an integrated solution. 


No engineering costs; just a compatible mobile handset with a data plan does the trick. 


Choose how you want to identify students; QR Code, NFC cards or through a mapped manual list.


Parents map their pickup and drop points on the fly using the parent app itself without bothering school.


Mobile based solution aids remote troubleshooting and access to quick updates of new & exciting features. 


Generous types of events and notifications to give parents a complete sense of safety and security.

Reduce your VTS rollout timeline to a single day!

Monitor your buses in real-time, simplify administration through live data integration and assure parents of child safety through instant notifications with live tracking.

It’s about safe school transport

Here’s a solution that offers fast rollout with all the safety features and is low on investment and zero on maintenance.

Got a question?

Here are our frequently answered questions to help you understand how BusBuddy can help you get a peaceful sleep.

There are so many VTS solutions, what's special about BusBuddy?

You’re right. The market is flooded with plenty of VTS providers, many hardware based and some app based, like BusBuddy. Now, take a simple case. A student pays transport fees, and instantly gets activated in BusBuddy without any manual intervention whatsoever, and parent gets to track on the DC Netra Parent App instantly without having to run from pillar to post for activation. BusBuddy brings in several such goodies as a virtue of tight integration with DC Netra student information system.

How do you map the pickup and drop locations?

We don’t do that, neither school has to do that. You just define your points, parents define their positions. Imagine the sense of security for parent receiving a personalized notification like “Your child has just been dropped near your office”.

Do parents get a 'bus approaching' notification?

Sure, parents get that notification. Not only that, parents also get notifications on pickup & drop at their defined location, or a little away. 

Do you record attendance if a child gets in another bus?

We believe that the penalty for boarding a different bus should not be so high that parents are deprived of notifications. Being a centralized system, we let children board a different bus, yet record the attendance and notify all the concerned. The reasons are genuine, after all.

Can a child have different pickup and drop-off locations?

Yes, that’s very much possible. A parent might want the child to be picked up from home, but dropped at office.

Why do you maintain trip status?

That’s a safety feature to ensure that a trip cannot end if the pickups and drop-offs don’t tally, and running trips are monitored by the transport operators as well as school administration on a live dashboard.

Where can parents track the bus?

Parents get to live track the bus their children have boarded in the DC Netra Parent App. There’s also a searchable bus notification history, in case there is a need to go back and tally certain timings of the past.


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