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I've heard about ETHDC Technologies. Can you assist us with a vehicle tracking system for our school buses?


Our vehicle tracking system ensures the safe journey of students, providing real-time location updates and advanced security features.

Safety is our top priority. How does it work?

The tracking system uses GPS technology to monitor the school buses' location, speed, and route. It also notifies parents about their child's safe arrival and departure.

That's exactly what we need. Does it have any additional benefits?


It optimizes bus routes, reduces fuel consumption, and helps you track bus maintenance, ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Excellent! Can we see a live demo?

Of course!

Let's proceed with a live demo to showcase how our vehicle tracking system ensures a safe and secure journey for our students.

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I'm impressed with the system's capabilities.

 ETHDC Technologies has our full trust in ensuring the safe journey of our students.