Ah, welcome! I've been hearing about this DC Netra School ERP solution from many schools. Tell me more.

Thank you, Principal! DC Netra is an  all-in-one School ERP that streamlines administrative tasks, communication, and enhances teaching and learning.

How does it benefit our school?

DC Netra connects Students, Teachers, Principals, Owners and all departments on a common platform.

What about data security?

Data security is our top priority.  DC Netra uses advanced encryption and follows strict compliance standards to keep all information safe and secure on our cloud.

What about parent-teacher communication?

DC Netra comes with a Parent Portal and apps that enable seamless communication, allow access to report cards, attendance, fees and much more.

Sounds promising! Can I see a demo?

Absolutely! I'd be delighted to give you a live demo to experience the power of DC Netra firsthand.


+971 567 092 868 +973 3699 2080 +974 500 12736 +91 94235 19568  sales@ethdc.in

Meantime here's a quick glimpse