Driven by our thirst for innovation in products and technologies, excellence in service and service to community, we are firmly rooted on the values of Integrity, Intelligence, and Energy. ETHDC inherits and continues to build on the collective experience of the core team of over 300 person years characterized by the strong foundations of sincerity, transparency and ethics. Having witnessed and experienced the evolutions in technology – internet, telecom, education, F&B, embedded, marine, location services, and revolutions in business models, our team is very well placed to understand challenges at the ground level and overcome those through carefully crafted technology solutions.





Here’s what we stand for


Continuous innovation in our flagship product DC Netra, formerly Digital Campus, and associated tools


Providing superior service to ensure customer success through dedicated, onsite, remote support and training services



Winning over customer trust through reliable solutions, transparent communication and working as part of customer team


Strive to provide consulting services and solutions such that customer’s expenditure in technology turns out to be an investment

Our Values




Frequently asked questions

What's the story behind the name ETHDC?

Our customers know us by alternate names such as ETH, Digital Campus and DC, so much so that over the last 20 years, the founders and core team members’ identity almost became synonymous with these terms. Hence, we made it simple and chose the name as ETHDC Technologies.

Where are your offices?

Our head office and development center is located in Pune, India, in an auspicious and tranquil premises, that is most conducive for development and hence translates into our product features. Additionally, we have presence in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar, from where we support our customers.

What domains do you work on?

We are a technology oriented organization with a significant impact in Educational ERP & eLearning. Besides, we also work on specialized ERP for Food & Beverage industry, customized application development on web and mobile technologies, data analytics and robotic process automation.

How do you see a customer as a business opportunity?

We don’t see a customer as a business opportunity. We are always on the lookout of identifying customer problems and ‘adding values’ in the form of business and technology solutions, and building long lasting mutually beneficial relationship.

Are you hiring?
Are you a fresh developer bubbling with energy? ETHDC is the right place for you to showcase your technical acumen and start a rewarding career. We work on Java technologies, mobility, data analytics and RPA. If you think you have the right candidature, send your curriculum vitae to right away. We also induct developers with 2-3 years of hands-on experience in the technologies and domains that we operate.
Can I take up ETHDC as a long term career option?

ETHDC promotes Intrapreneurship model where you can lead your dream in ETHDC umbrella with the benefits shared with you to make it long term career option.