Panoptic Analytics and Reporting Analysis Module

Leveraging the power of PARAM, educational institutions can adeptly consolidate a vast array of crucial key performance indicators, drawing data from a diverse grid of sources. This data is then presented objectively on visually captivating dashboards that facilitate a deeper understanding of performance metrics. These user-friendly dashboards provide a holistic, bird’s-eye perspective, allowing stakeholders to gain comprehensive insights into the data at hand, leading to informed decisions and a data-driven approach to education management.

Institutions at Glance

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Data Lakes to Data Warehouse

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Powered by cutting-edge data lake architecture, PARAM NETRA delves into critical facets of institution management, offering insightful information condensed at the macro level while enabling granular analysis down to the finest detail

Admission Analysis

Everything related to admissions such as capacity vis-a-vis applications received, sources, income range, nationalities and more, to help make informed tweaks to strategies.

Financial Analysis

Get a quick overview of how your institutions are performing financially and drill down into details by simple clicks for getting down to the bottlenecks.

Exam Management

Effortlessly track the entire spectrum of processes, from exam administration to evaluation and report card publication, all from a single, user-friendly console.

Ministry Inspection

Consistently strive for higher rankings by closely monitoring key performance indicators that significantly influence the outcomes of ministry inspections.

Student Safety

Focus on student safety by monitoring key performance indicators such as attendance, bus tracking, and overall student well-being.

Inventory Analysis

Aim for continuous improvement by closely tracking key performance indicators that play a pivotal role in inventory analysis, whether it’s for books, uniforms, or stationery.


Effortlessly track your school management system’s progress toward achieving your goal of comprehensive school digitization through a user-friendly dashboard.

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