Communication & Collaboration

Switch to digital communication and save on paper, postage, time, effort and conserve the green environment.

Millions of messages

Find a reason to communicate; our platform will oblige!

Right from setup to integration, we help schools establish channels for effective communication with students, parents, staff and others.


With graphics and attachments, email is the most effective means of sending long messages.


Your school is a happening place. Let other know about it through our news module or through newsletters.


The ability to listen is as important as the ability to speak. Converse with parents for better clarity.


Weather; accident; delay; holiday. Have to convey SOS for an unplanned disruption? Send SMS.


Want to notify select group? Send circulars to school, class, section, house or a combination of these.


Mobile notifications for all forms of communication ensures your message is conveyed in an instant.

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place!

DC Netra has multiple pre-integrated channels of communication to ensure there is no delusion.


With hassle free communication for all your needs such as, routine circulars, news concerning your school, urgent and important messages, office communication, two-way parent – teacher communication, moderated or open messaging, group messaging, bus notifications, and many more, you can choose to use emails, SMS and app notifications to ensure your communication is complete.

Got a question?

Here are our frequently answered questions to help you understand all about effective communication on our platform.

Which email services do you support?

DC Netra comes pre-integrated with Office 365 and GSuite. However, practically any other gateway complying to standard protocols can be integrated on our platform with ease. 

How do you solve the issue of costly SMS?

We believe that your investment in an ERP should reduce your operational costs, mainly on paper, postage, time, effort and wastage. Use our unified Post Message interface to send explicit notifications instead of SMS and have the same effect at zero cost!

Do you have anything to prevent incorrect communication?

We understand the need for moderation in communication, especially when there are bulk recipients. To avoid hasty communication, you can turn on moderation in the system so that you have a layer of verification before communicating.

How does the system keep management informed?

You can choose to have management members receive a copy of communication. Besides, you can have the top management receive scheduled email reports, specifically on financial statistics.

What about reminders?

You can configure several types of reminders, most popular ones being birthday of staff & students, fees due, approaching expiry of civil documents such as passport or visa.

Does the software send payslip on email?

Yes, that’s configurable. Not just payslip, staff can get all office communication right on the dashboard.

Is there a way to search previous communication?

We understand how cumbersome it can be to locate important communication such as fee payment schedule, exam schedule, vaccination drive and so on. You can perform a quick search on our friendly parent app in an easy way.

What about fee receipts?

With interlinking of all modules, DC Netra is an integrated solution that can view data from different angles from different perspectives. As a result, when an online or over the counter fee transaction takes place, if configured, parents can receive a copy of the fee receipt on email.

How do you handle school bus notifications?
That’s an important safety feature and is handled to perfection in BusBuddy, our own Bus Tracking solution that is pre-integrated with DC Netra. It sends a generous types of notifications that parents receive in the same parent app, without having to install anything else. You can read more about it here.
I have more questions that aren't answered here...

The best way is to talk to our Professional Services team to understand from their vast implementation experience and schedule a complete demo. Our experience has been such that prospective customers get engaged in our demo for prolonged duration appreciating the depth that our software has on offer.