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Whether it is a model of innovation in business or technology based quest to attain leadership in business, leave it to us to transform your dream into a practical technology based solution.

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Let’s transform your imagination into reality!

We specialize in customized web and mobile application development, product reengineering, system integration and resource augmentation.

Web development

Whether it is a brand new application or migration of a legacy application, you can count on us for development.

Process automation

Improve efficiency and reduce costs by automating mundane processes through robotic process automation.

Mobile development

Count on us for taking your app idea from concept to market on multiple app platforms in quick time.

Data analytics

Analyze raw data sets, generate insights, present conclusions visually and predict possible outcomes.

Integrity. Intelligence. Energy.

While your business is a complex mashup of interrelated processes, our endeavor is to add values while connecting these processes through innovative use of tools, techniques, technologies and services coupled with our experience, commitment and urge to excel.


















Let’s discuss ideas!

Our team continues to build on the collective experience of the core team of over 300 person years characterized by the strong foundations of sincerity, transparency and ethics.

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Here’s a quick walkthrough of our processes that ensure your idea takes a flight from paper to software in the cloud.

1. Conceptualize

We work with our customers right from the concept stage to understand their idea, help them refine to give a business dimension, and design a high level concept presentation. At this stage we already take into account the system users, probable technology stack, deployment architecture and a broad timeline. We have seen this approach work wonders as it gives a lot of confidence and credibility about our understanding of the idea.

2. Plan

Detailing scenarios, planning milestones meticulously, conveying assumptions, planning risks and defining communication and reporting channels ensure that our plans are executed properly. 

3. Visualize

A visualization is worth a thousand words. Hence, we choose to spend our energy on creating a wireframe or a working prototype to make sure we are still in sync. We follow agile methodologies for the simple reason that by time we complete the visualization, we are already half way on the next milestone.

4. Architect

With security, scalability and sustainability at the core, for larger projects, often our senior leadership gets involved in this most important aspect of the solution to ensure that the right decisions are taken towards longer vision of the project.

5. Develop

Continuous training on latest and emerging technologies helps our team deliver the best user experience in an effective manner in a cost optimized schedule. We have specialized teams that cater to web development, mobile app development, and API development using varied technologies.  

6. Train

We believe in complete transparency, and as part of this belief, we pass on all that learn from the project to the project stakeholders. This includes training the end users, administrators, and developers. 

7. Rollout

We help roll out the software at client premises, or on the cloud, shared server, dedicated server, Google Play, Apple Store, or Huawei AppGallery. Our hands on experience comes in handy!

8. Maintain

Developing a software is one-off activity that probably many can do. The bigger challenge lies in providing continual support over a longer period, and this is where several providers vanish leaving you with the option to live with the solution as is, or discard, which means forgoing the entire investment. We are proud of having served several customers for more than a decade with continuous product support and updates. 

Got an idea?

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