DC Netra App Suite

Today’s fast paced world demands carrying your universe in your pocket, accessing data at your fingertips and performing tasks in an instant. DC Netra App Suite consists of apps for all your users – students, parents, staff, management, and bus operators.

Parent convenience is no longer optional

Use our parent app to help parents stay connected with school, get updates on the move, and have two-way communication if your school policy permits.

DC Netra Parent App

Parents don’t have to look any further than the single app for all the academic, administrative and financial information about their wards


Emails, SMS, News, Circulars or notifications – parents find it convenient to have searchable communication in a single place.


Parents can connect with subject or class teacher for any queries and teacher reply through a moderated information workflow.


Students get to access homework, assignment, learning management system and progress cards with a single tap on the screen.


View time table, get the financial summary, fee dues, pay fees online, and get payment receipts, without having to call the school. school.


Parents map their own pickup and drop locations, get generous types of bus notifications, and track their ward live on the map, in the same app.


Different people have different tastes; parents can personalize the look and feel as per their preference, and we keep updating our theme library.

Transformation from Administration to Imagination

Give teachers the free time they deserve to explore their imagination and creativity in pursuit of reliving the joy of teaching.

Teacher Buddy

Our teacher app ensures teachers don’t get engaged in mundane administrative activities and helps them utilize their time innovating for better teaching aids


Teachers get access to all the information sent by the school – Email, SMS, News, Circulars and inter-office.


Uploading homework and assignment is as easy and point, click and post using the mobile camera.


Teachers can read and respond to messages sent by parents and help build parent satisfaction.


Record student attendance easily using picture list for quick identification.

There’s even more

Here’s a quick glimpse into the apps in our DC Netra App Suite to cater to specialized requirements of different set of users


Students create their own curated content and carry along everywhere

Management App

Owners get data consolidated from distributed institutions on a common dashboard

Temperature Tracker

Adapt to the new normal of capturing temperature of students at entry

Safe Attendance

Avoid touch and adopt QR based attendance that is as reliable as biometric device


Capture & upload student photos and save 100 person hours per 1000 students

NFC Personalizer

Allocate, print and distribute cards in the most efficient and effective way

IT Admin App

Take control over your ERP through software health checkup & configuration

Custom requirement?

We build custom apps using the latest technologies to reduce your cost & time to market 

Have a quick glimpse

With real-time notifications on dedicated apps for Parents, Teachers, Students, Administration, Transportation, IT and Management we intend to bring to life the data that would otherwise be accessible only when you switch on the computer.


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