Financial Accounting

Serious and accurate, yet simple and flexible standards compliant accounting.


DC Netra Financial Accounting seamlessly connects student, parents, staff, transport, library and several such entities from the financial perspective.

Got a question?

Here are our frequently answered questions to help you understand how you can reliably manage all aspects of financial accounting.

What types of accounting processes are supported?

Being a standard accounting software, it supports all standard processes, maintains ledgers, cash book, bank book, generates trial balance, profit & loss statement, and balance sheet. Further, in terms of revenue recognition it supports collection basis as well as accrual basis. Having worked with several auditors across countries, our Professional Services team is very well equipped to share their knowledge of the best practices followed.

What are the different types of documents and statements?

In DC Netra all standard accounting documents are available, such as, voucher for all financial transactions, ledger reports and cash flow statement. Standard statements like Profit and Loss, Income and Expenditure, Trail Balance and Balance Sheet depict the current financial position of respective institutes and helps them take corrective actions.

How are financial transactions posted in DC?

DC Netra being a single platform with interlink to relevant modules, it provides the following ways to post financial transactions:

1. Day Closing Voucher to post daily fee collection.

2. Purchase Voucher to post vendor bills when storekeeper makes PR-GRIR.

3. Payroll Voucher to post  salary payments when payroll is generated.

4. Standard Voucher to record all other types of transasctions.

Do you support cheque printing?


How do you do bank reconciliation?

Reconciliation is necessary in order to get the exact status of bank balance. In DC Netra you have the provision to perform reconciliation at yearly, monthly, or at the level of individual transaction. This greatly helps during audit.

How do you control budgets?

You can allocate monthly or yearly budgets to various expense heads. The system then monitors this during voucher entry and alerts if there are any expense overruns. There are several reports that can be used for further analysis and corrective actions.

What kind of security is available?

We have following access levels to ensure financial data is not tampered:

1. User login – Each user must login to the application to use any functionility.

2. Company login – You can maintain several companies within an installation and restrict access according to login.

3. Transaction locking – Finance Controller can restrict write access to previous year’s data.

4. IP / Time Lock – You can restrict access to certain links such that they are accessible only from school network.

Do you have Cost Center facility?

Yes, DC Netra supports cost centers. While recording financial transaction, the accountant can bifurcate the transaction into several cost centers. Further, at any time standard statements like Trial Balance and Balance Sheet can be viewed according to cost centers.

How do you generate depreciation statement?

Depreciation is calculated according to percentage defined for asset ledgers. Standard depreciation statement can be generated from the reports section.

Does it support taxation?

Yes, slab based taxation is completely supported. We have successfully implemented VAT for all our schools in Gulf countries, and also provide support in the VAT return filing process. 

We're in a hurry. How do we get started?

DC Netra follows a standards compliant double entry accounting system. This makes it extremely easy for accountants get used to the interfaces. In order to get started, we just need your standard Chart of Account and the opening balances of the ledgers. Our specialized team can even migrate data from your existing software.