Convey your identity

Maintain security at school by providing customized identity cards to students, staff, parents and transport operators. 

Identity cards in focus

End-to-end ID card services from designing, procuring, personalizing, printing & distribution

We strive to simplify your processes by not just providing easy interfaces to generate identity cards from data available in the system.  

Got a question?

Here are our frequently answered questions to help you understand all that our identity card generation system can do for your school.

How many cards can I generate at a time?

Generally schools generate cards in bulk, typically at the start of the academic session. You have the provision to generate cards in bulk classwise or sectionwise. However, there are situations when you may have to generate single cards for students or staff, and you can do that easily.

What card sizes do you support?

Our software supports standard card sizes that are uniformly recognized by card printers. You can choose to have portrait or landscape cards as per your design.

We don't have in-house design team. Can you design for us?

Certainly. We can design beautiful cards that correctly represents your brand identity.

Procuring cards is not your business. Why do you do it?

Do you find yourself jumbled in the world of Plastic cards, NFC cards, RFID cards, UHF cards, and BLE cards? Do you land up in a situation where you have to force students to carry multiple cards for supporting different services that your school provides? We focus on adding values by providing unified solutions that are integrated in our software, and we play the role of a mediator in helping you procure the right cards.

Does you software generate transport cards?

Of course! You can generate identity cards for students, teaching & non-teaching staff, parents, bus drivers and attendants.

What if a student loses a card?

You can easily rengenerate a single card. Further, you have the option to apply penalties for such instances using our comprehensive Fees Portal.

What do you do to reduce our administrative burden?

Considering the large number of students, the seemingly trivial activity of capturing, collating, cropping, standardizing, enhancing, naming, mapping and uploading the photographs becomes a tiresome activity that is marred with plenty of hurdles. Having seen the plight of IT administrators, we have come out with PhotoBuddy that can save at least 100 person hours per 1000 students.