Admission Management

Begin the journey of student lifecycle management with our customizable Online Admission Portal.

Online Admission

Admission Spotlight

Hundreds of schools have collected and processed millions of forms on our robust online admission portal.

A comprehensive yet easy online admission process which ensures that all relevant student information is captured right at the beginning, and managed by a robust data architecture ensuring the same data set is reused across all other software components.


DC Netra seamlessly adapts to specific requirements of schools and easily fits within the defined processes.


Open your online admission portal to the world at a click and collect all admission forms on a single console.  

Direct admission

While we have an online admission process, you cannot ignore the walk-in admissions. 

Reports dashboard

Take a quick glance through statistical dashboards, or analyze through detailed admission reports.


Online admission process makes sure that complete and valid data enters into the system.

Quick shortlisting

Let our automated shortlisting engine handle it, you can review and refine later if you wish. 

Merit list

Our rule based system runs through thousands of applications and generates a merit list for you. 


Manage all aspects of your admission form – fields, announcements, schedule & communication.

Defeat the lockdown with Online Admission Portal 

Has the pandemic affected your admissions just because parents are unable to come to your school for submitting the admission form? It’s time to switch to online admission.

Getting online admissions is easy

Switch to our online admission portal and get the most of the 

Got a question?

Here are our frequently answered questions to help you understand how online admissions can help you get enquiries from wide geographies.

Why is online admission important?

The present pandemic conditions have forced parents in their homes, and this has severely affected admission, especially to those schools that relied on physical admission forms. Online admission has become important in this context, where it is not just an added convenience factor, but as a necessity.

How frequently do the forms get synchronized?

That’s the best part. Enquiries received online are already part of the DC Netra database and you can view those instantly. In short, you don’t have to worry about any database synchronizations.

Can parents link their ministry id for login?

Yes, they can do that, and it helps in many ways. Sometimes erroneous information get filled and this can be easily corrected later using tools such as our Emirates ID Reader that can pull the correct information from the EID Card and update in the database automatically.

Do you support custom fields?

Each school is unique and has certain variations from others. Hence, during the online admission, some schools prefer to collect some specific information, which can be handled easily using custom fields.

How do you keep parents informed about the process?

The online admission system is tightly connected with our Communication & Collaboration module. Hence, it keeps parents informed at each stage which starts right from the enquiry confirmation, interview schedule, admission confirmation and so on.