Simplified Academic Management

Grade Book is your friendly place for comprehensive management of student academic records

Teachers Love Grade Book

Single console academic management

Everything that matters in the student assessment and evaluation process; scholastic, co-scholastic, behavioral, homework, assignment, activity, discipline, attendance and more. Teachers have to look no further than the Gradebook to manage all this.


Marking student attendance at class level, batch level or for a lecture is no more a tedious task.


Plan and create homework with automatic notifications sent to parents on their mobile.


Record incidents, create follow-up actions, initiate disciplinary actions and get reports for analysis.

Marks Entry

Capture marks of scholastic, co-scholastic, behavioral, homework, assignment, activity in a unified interface.


Inform and communicate with parents with transparent trail of threaded communication through app and web.  


Create tasks for students to complete, optionally with the provision for recording academic performance.


Maintain student safety with a handy list of students with details of their arrangement of transportation.


Teachers get a quick glimpse of their timetable, so that they can plan their sessions and teaching resources.

Manage Complex Attendance Scenarios with Ease

With support for multiple scenarios for student attendance such as class wise, subject wise, lecture wise, homeroom wise and activity wise, DCNetra also supports moderated absence and integrates all these events with the collaboration engine that can trigger notifications to parents. DC can further take the administrative burden off teachers by integrating with attendance devices such as RFID, UHF, NFC, biometric devices and security gates.