Grade Book

Efficiently manage student grades with the Grade Book module. Simplify grade entry, calculation, and tracking. Generate insightful reports and transcripts for students and parents. Empower educators to monitor student progress and provide timely feedback. Streamline grading processes and ensure accurate and transparent assessment of student performance for academic excellence.

Parent App

Stay connected and engaged with the Parent App module. Access student information, attendance records, grades, and receive timely updates and notifications. Foster effective communication between parents and teachers, empowering parents to actively participate in their child’s education. Enhance parent-school collaboration for a holistic learning experience.

Payment Gateway

Facilitate seamless and secure transactions with the Payment Gateway module. Enable online fee payment options for parents, ensuring convenience and eliminating the need for cash handling. Ensure data security and encryption for secure transactions. Simplify fee collection, streamline financial processes, and enhance transparency for efficient school financial management.

Admission Portal

Simplify the admission process with the Admission Portal module. Streamline applications, manage applicant data, and automate enrollment procedures. Provide a seamless experience for students and parents while ensuring efficient data management and timely communication. Empower your institution with an intuitive and comprehensive admission management solution.

Result Processing

Streamline result processing with the Result Processing module. Effortlessly manage and calculate student grades, generate comprehensive reports, and provide timely performance analysis. Automate result entry, ensure accuracy, and save time for educators. Empower students and parents with transparent and timely access to academic performance, fostering continuous improvement and success.

Parent Portal

Enhance parent-school collaboration with the Parent Portal module. Empower parents with easy access to student information, academic progress, attendance records, and communication tools. Stay informed with timely notifications and updates. Foster a strong partnership between parents and educators, promoting student success through effective engagement and communication.

Quick Fees

Experience hassle-free fee management with the Quick Fees module. Easily generate and track fee invoices, accept online payments securely, and provide instant receipts. Streamline financial processes, save time, and enhance transparency for both the school and parents. Simplify fee collection and improve administrative efficiency with Quick Fees.

Performance Analysis

Unleash insights with the Performance Analysis module. Analyze student performance, track progress, and identify areas for improvement. Generate comprehensive reports and visualizations to guide data-driven decision-making. Empower educators to optimize teaching strategies and personalize learning experiences, resulting in enhanced student outcomes and academic excellence.


Streamline HR management with the HRMS module. Automate employee data management, attendance tracking, leave management, and payroll processing. Simplify onboarding and foster efficient communication. Enhance productivity, ensure compliance, and optimize workforce management with comprehensive HRMS features designed for educational institutions.